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Quick Coach: Aesthetic Consultation Essentials


This course provides you with a solid foundation for aesthetic consultation essentials.

Module 1: Building Rapport Using FORD

FORD is an acronym for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams, and the method’s concept is simple: the more you know about the patient in these four areas, and the better you are about using that information in patient communications, the faster and deeper you can take the relationship. And the deeper the relationship, the more valued your practice is to the patient, creating stronger connections, faster scheduling decisions, and increased loyalty.

Module 2: Presenting the Quote

Every positive step leading up to the presentation of the quote can be erased if this is mishandled. Surgeries can be booked or lost during this critical part of the consultation. We will share some key aspects of presenting the quote and how to tie in with what you learned in the last video.

Module 3: Handling Discount Requests

When patients ask for a discount it's often uncomfortable and awkward, unless you are prepared. In this video, you will see several techniques you can use to help navigate through the request comfortably while maintaining the integrity of your fee schedule.


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Building Rapport Using FORD
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Presenting the Quote
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Handling Discount Requests
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